Arguably the greatest living scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking has had an impact on the worlds of physics and astronomy which has lent him recognition in popular culture, and as such was one of the four first known people to have a recognised Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number.

His verified Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number is 8, the lowest verified Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number along with inventor Ray Kurzweill.

Erdős Number: 4Edit

(4) Stephen Hawking
Origin of time asymmetry
(3) Raymond Laflamme
Compiling gate networks on an Ising quantum computer
(2) Emanuel Knill
Minimal residual method stronger than polynomial preconditioning
(1) Vance Faber
Sets of natural numbers of positive density and cylindric set algebras of dimension 2
(0) Paul Erdős

Bacon Number: 2Edit

(2) Stephen Hawking
Masters of Science Fiction
(1) Sean Astin
White Water Summer
(0) Kevin Bacon

Sabbath Number: 2Edit

(2) Stephen Hawking
“Keep Talking” — Pink Floyd [sample]
(1) David Gilmour
“Smoke on the Water” — Rock Aid Armenia
(0) Tony Iommi