Most widely known as a phycisist, Richard Feynman was a multi-talented pioneer of 20th century quantum mechanics, and as such was one of the four first known people to have a recognised Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number.

His verified Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number is 10.

Erdős Number: 3Edit

(3) Richard Feynman
Equations of state of elements based on the generalized Fermi-Thomas theory
(2) Nicholas Metropolis
The Monte Carlo method
(1) Stanisław Ulam
On equations with sets as unknowns
(0) Paul Erdős

Bacon Number: 3Edit

(3) Richard Feynman
(2) Tony Tang
(1) Brad Pitt
(0) Kevin Bacon

Sabbath Number: 4Edit

(4) Richard Feynman
Back Tuva Future: The Adventure Continues
(3) Kongar-ol Ondar
Genghis Blues: Music From the Motion Picture
(2) Paul Pena
Bonnie Raitt
(1) Bonnie Raitt
“It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)” — Artists for Children’s Promise
(0) Ozzy Osbourne